Ancient Wounds. Modern Healing.

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The Traveling Mystics are an ensemble of 3 light beings who are assisting humanity with the shift to the open heart. Amy, Tomi Llama, and Mary’s abilities to create healing space for your heart to undefend - to transform the hurt and pain of its protective coating into power - when expressed together as the Traveling Mystics, are an experience to behold. If you are ready to make the movement toward love, join us at an upcoming event.

The Open Heart is a doorway to magic and miracles.

If you are ready to experience the magic and miracle of an Open Heart, then join the Traveling Mystics at an upcoming event!

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Meet  Amy

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us." - Henry Stanley Haskins

Amy is a  co-creator with the Universe, partnering with those who seek a deeper experience of creating an authentic life rich with joy, purpose, love, and well-being. She became a guide, coach, and energy worker during her many transformative experiences over the last several decades. As part of this journey, she learned how to reclaim and strengthen her personal power so that she could take full responsibility for her life. She believes that when one embodies the universal truth of one’s heart, one’s life will flow with joy and ease.

Her approach is grounded in the belief that each person is one’s own healer; however, sometimes we each need a little assistance in connecting the dots of one’s heart, mind, and body. Her work draws upon Abraham Hicks (spiritual entity/guide), Mikao Usui (Reiki founder), Masaru Emoto (human consciousness), Gary Craig (Emotional Freedom Techniques founder), Maestro Alberto Torres Davila (master Amazonian shaman), and Rebecca (Halima) Hamm (mentor and teacher).

These influences, along with her own experiences of human consciousness and expansion, have honed her ability to guide others to align one’s heart with one’s mind and body in order to release limiting beliefs and transform them into beliefs of self-worth that readily allow abundance, well-being, love, joy, flow, and clarity.

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Meet Tomi 

“Social messaging constructs your story, until and unless you decide to construct your own story about who you are.” – Tomi Llama

One word drives everything Tomi Llama does: evolve. Evolve by knowing who you are, growing more into you who are, and by clearing old stories that keep you from your authentic self.  Tomi Llama’s unique mystical abilities include reading the energetic imprints on a person’s heart and understanding the heart of each person’s mission in this life. With this information, clients are able to find new purpose and meaning in their lives.

Tomi Llama is able to make an immediate impact for her clients with her intuitive sense of people, her deep understanding of systems and how they work, and her ability to tap into her personal knowledge of ancient global wisdom gained from reading thousands of books, attending workshops all over the world, and working with people and organizations from all walks of life.

Her several near-death experiences as an infant shaped her circular spiritual journey from being too small to handle the abilities offered her to flat out denial of those abilities to embracing those abilities and their power for assisting humanity.

Tomi Llama is the pen name of Dr. Tomi White Bryan. Her latest book What's Your Superpower? offers a system for finding your highest contribution and offering that to society each day. She wrote the book because she believes finding your superpower shouldn't be your life's work. Using it should be.

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Meet  Mary

"Deep within our hearts are vital clues to what matters most to us. Only a Heart that feels honored and safe will open to reveal its secrets." –Mary Carr

Mary is a certified Life Coach who is also a channel for the philosophy and living practice her guides call The Honoring Way.  Acting as a Spiritual Coach and teacher, Mary’s mission is to elevate our worldview to a new “worthiness paradigm” where the Divine Source that created humankind holds us in high regard.  The Honoring Way acknowledges our value as both spiritual beings and human experiencers who’ve been created on purpose with purpose on Earth.  By incorporating a combination of teaching, channeling, and coaching, Mary helps her clients create their own life worth living through integrated self-actualization.

Some of Mary’s talents are powerful intuition, empathic sensibilities and a deep abiding compassion. These gifts combined with the assistance of her guides, enable her to perceive where beliefs/mental constructs, practiced habits, and relationship entanglements are causing distress.  She can sift through and hear what the heart and soul are saying.  Mary then uses an empowerment process that helps her clients engage their own guidance system enabling them to intentionally create and experience greater well-being by honoring the fullness of who they are.

Like many spiritual “seekers”, the path to Mary’s current practice was a winding road. Even as a little girl, she felt a strong connection to the presence of God/Divine Source/Creator of All That Is.  While she didn’t understand it, she could sense a split experience where people lived in the material world and at the same time these unseen energetic forces were pulsing around and through everything.  As a self-development enthusiast, Mary acquired training in Reiki, Theta Healing, and various other energetic modalities.  She is certified in the Core Energy Coaching Process.

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