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Ancient Wounds. Modern Healing. - Austin, Texas

Are you tired of the same old, same old? Ready to step into your most powerful self?

Join the Traveling Mystics in Austin for Ancient Wounds. Modern Healing. to move past long-standing hurts and traumas, repeating self-sabotage, limiting past-life agreements, and more.

In this modern healing gathering, you will learn cutting edge energetic techniques that bring immediate insights and transform stuck energy to make space for something new.

Why Attend:

·       You want to deepen your sense of contentment and inner peace

·       You want to deconstruct limiting beliefs and behaviors that restrict your experience of belonging and personal power

·       You want to strengthen your relationship with self

·       You want to advance your tool kit for fostering positive relationships with self, others, and experiences

·       You want to own your authentic self and discover and celebrate your unique gifts and purpose

·       You want to expand your community of like-minded people who are exploring the soul’s journey

 What the Workshop Looks Like:

·       Himalayan Singing Bowls will provide sound baths that calm the nervous system and raise the internal energetic vibration

·       Individual, partner, and group activities will release the power you give to ancient stories of how you must act, be, and do in order to fit in or belong

·       Energetic clearing activities that will nurture your sense of inner power and belonging and dismantle the stories that no longer serve your highest good.

LOCATION: Nature’s Treasures, 4103 N Interstate 35, Austin, TX 78722

FEE: $99

REGISTER HERE (registration required)

When you register for an event, your card statement will say Championship Dynamics, our event manager. You may reach the Championship Dynamics office by calling 336.275.9897.

If you would like to schedule an individual session with one of the mystics, please visit that Mystic’s personal site.

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