What Is The Open Heart?

The Open Heart is undefended. It acts from a place of love, honor, and respect.

Undefended: When the heart is open, it is undefended. It means you let rest your protective coatings, sacred wound, neurosis, complexes, management systems, survival patterns, or whatever words of choice, to take in information about the world so you can respond from that place of clarity instead of react from a place of wound or trauma.

Love: Love for love's sake is love without regard. The starting point for that is to love yourself. Only when you love yourself unconditionally can you begin to shine your love in every direction without regard to race, religion, or any other divisive factor. It is also about falling in love with humanity. And when we act from the place of love, we have the power to transform anything and everything. It is why, when working with our sacred wounds, the most powerful step is the movement toward love.

Honor: Our wounds - whether they are past life karma, childhood traumas or family entanglements - are sacred. Our journey of experiencing a wound is a sacred process to be valued and esteemed because within it is a force that brought you to this moment.

Respect: Our protective coatings deserve our respect. We built them to keep ourselves out of harm’s way. When we can respect the sacred wound, we are offering it our appreciation for the role it has played in our lives.

When the sacred wound is seen with love, honor, and respect, it loosens its tight grip on our heart. As the grip releases, the heart can open. When the heart opens, its undefends. When it undefends, we find ourselves playing in a field of unlimited possibilities where whatever we intend for ourselves is made known and brought into the physical realm.

It’s  easier to be tragic than to shine like the whole world is yours. By choosing the Open Heart, you choose to find the light within and let tragedy fuel your desires rather than burn them to the ground. Come shine with us!